I was 22 when I got married. At the time I felt like I could conquer the world. I had no idea how odd it was to be married at such a young age. For I was a mormon, and by mormon standards I was actually a little bit older than most of the girls I knew getting married. I attended a 4 year college where the unofficial slogan of the university was "BYU-I DO." The biggest prank when I attended school was a when the nearest apartment complex named Carriage House was changed to Marriage House when a local bunch of hoodlums added an M to the sign. Although I was raised Mormon and still practice the religion today I have always had a deep sense of dislike for the culture. I don't know if its how I was raised but I have always detested getting married young and the mormon culture that is so prevalent in south eastern Idaho and most of Utah. Yet, I have always felt this internal struggle between who I wanted to be and what people in my religion thought I should be. I was religious without being "super religious". I am happily married but the older I get more aware I become of how young and naive I was when I got married. Although I don't regret it, I do wonder if I am just some subject of mormon culture and I don't even realize it. Because of that I am now documenting young mormon married couples. I see things in them that are startling familiar in my self and I also see drastic differences. 


These images were taken with 4x5 Tmax 100 on an old 4x5 film camera.