Bryce Canyon / by Sarah Robertson

Bryce Canyon National Park is such a unique place.  When I first drove into the park I was waiting for the "ah ha" breathtaking moment, yet all I saw was this little winding road and a bunch of pine trees. It wasn’t until I broke through those pine trees that I saw my first glimpse of the magical Bryce Canyon National Park. I saw the incredible view with various shades of red and orange and amazing rock formations call Hoodoos. Hoodoos are part of what makes Bryce Canyon so distinct.  Hoodoos form through years and years of erosion and frequent periods of thawing and freezing. When the water freezes and expands it weakens the rock and these rock formations slowly come to be. That is what makes Bryce so interesting; the Park is constantly changing due to erosion. [Shot on Portra 400 taken with a Mamiya 645]