The Entrance Ocean Baths / by Sarah Robertson

My grandmother was an Aussie and she had a pretty tough go growing up in Australia. She ended up immigrating to the US in her early adulthood where she died when I was pretty young, I believe I was 10. Right before she died she told me three things - grow up to be a good kid, do your family history, and that she was sorry we didn't get the chance to visit Australia together. Visiting Australia last year was a dream. These images were taken at The Entrance, a little town right on the water. These "ocean baths" are quite unique to Australia. Essentially, they are salt water pools that are naturally filled by the ocean. I loved the crash of the waves in the background that paired so nicely with the click of my shutter. Being there, thinking about my grandmother, as a young girl swimming in a pool just like this one was a special experience.  [Shot on TriX 400 taken with a Canon AE-1]