Utah State Fair / by Sarah Robertson

Every time I attend a fair I get hit with a feeling of nostalgia. I think we all do. It is hard not to think back to your childhood - how the idea of going to the fair was just so exciting. It's different as an adult though. The magic isn't there instantaneously. I have to look. I have to open myself up first before I can feel the excitement on the culture I am in. But once my eyes are opened I get immersed. I find myself distracted by all the colors, the noise of the screams from the ride to my left, the sugary aroma that I breathe in deep as I walk by all the food stands. I only got to spend an afternoon at the Utah State Fair but it was worth immersing myself in that culture, even if only for a few short hours. [Shot on Portra 160 taken with a Mamiya 645]