Oahu. by Sarah Robertson

Oahu was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I always thought going to Hawaii was a bit of a cliche. I never thought that it could really live up to all the hype and attention it got. I am more than happy to say I was totally wrong. There is something so wonderfully intangible about this place. There really is this great spirit of adventure there. Really hope I can find a way back there someday.  [Shot on Portra 400 taken with a Mamiya 645]

Meadow Hot Springs. by Sarah Robertson

The Meadow Hot Springs are in the middle of no where. And when I say no where, I mean in the middle of farm land about two hours south of Salt Lake City. These hot springs are located on a fine farmers property. Due to the good nature of landowners hearts they allow people to come and soak for free. It is such an odd location for a hot spring, alas, it's a great soak. The water is this brilliant blue and the view of the mountains doesn't hurt either. These images were taken about this time last year and I'm anxious to go back get another soak in. [Shot on Portra 160 pushed 1 stop taken with a Mamiya 645]

Utah State Fair. by Sarah Robertson

Every time I attend a fair I get hit with a feeling of nostalgia. I think we all do. It is hard not to think back to your childhood - how the idea of going to the fair was just so exciting. It's different as an adult though. The magic isn't there instantaneously. I have to look. I have to open myself up first before I can feel the excitement on the culture I am in. But once my eyes are opened I get immersed. I find myself distracted by all the colors, the noise of the screams from the ride to my left, the sugary aroma that I breathe in deep as I walk by all the food stands. I only got to spend an afternoon at the Utah State Fair but it was worth immersing myself in that culture, even if only for a few short hours. [Shot on Portra 160 taken with a Mamiya 645]

Punchbowl Falls. by Sarah Robertson

Punchbowl Falls is one of my favorite hikes in the Columbia River Gorge. Not only does it have a gorgeous waterfall at the end but the hike is this beautiful trail covered with all sorts of lush greenery. It is also a relatively short hike, round trip is just a little under four miles. This is one of the quintessential Gorge hikes and I would highly recommend it.  [Shot on Portra 400 taken with a Mamiya 645]

Utah Lake. by Sarah Robertson

Utah Lake is a fresh water lake nestled right next to the Provo area in Utah. After all my years in that part of Utah I still have yet to swim in the lake.  It seems that Utah Lake has always been a destination in my mind. It is a place where we are running to, biking to, or passing as we head somewhere else. I thought it was time to spent some time at the lake and make some photographs.  [Shot on BW400CN taken with a Canon AE-1]

Mariposa Grove. by Sarah Robertson

Growing up in Oregon means that I'm quite the tree hugger. Some of my favorite subject matter is trees. Mariposa is a bit of a mecca for people like me. Mariposa Grove is in the most southern part of Yosemite National Park. It is famous for its' Giant Sequoias and the ever large Grizzly Giant. I was totally in awe of these trees. They are so majestic and grand. It is a humbling experience to stand next to something like that and realize that your existence is just a blink of an eye compared to the time these trees have been around. [Shot on TriX 400 taken with a Mamiya 645]

Echo, Utah. by Sarah Robertson

Finding Echo was pure luck. I decided I wanted to shoot somewhere I’ve never been before so I tried googling best places to photograph in Utah. After that failed attempt I got on google maps, zoomed into Utah, and started looking for towns with interesting names. I scrolled past Echo and thought that could work. 

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, a few days later, a good friend and I set off on a photo adventure. Echo was eerily quiet. I would classify it as a semi ghost town. The only human interaction I had was when big pickup trucks full of questionable looking men would slowly drive by and give us the stare down. Despite being slightly terrified, Echo was a success. I enjoy shooting towns like Echo because I’m able to document a piece of history that been worn down with time. To me, it’s very nostalgic [Shot on Portra 160 taken with a Mamiya 645]


Pride Festival. by Sarah Robertson

Back in June I went to the SLC Pride Festival and took the opportunity to document the experience. It has been a long time since I have had a chance to do any street photography and it was surprisingly fun. Usually I am so full of dread when I shoot on the streets - I'm convinced someone will yell at me and threaten to destroy my camera.  But everyone was so friendly and willing to let me take their picture. Let me tell you - that almost never happens. It really spoke to the essence of what the Pride Festival is - people were open and proud of what they were doing, what they were in part of. It was a refreshing crowd to be around. [Shot on Portra 160 taken with a Canon AE-1]